How IT All Works

How To Drop Off

 person holding colorful paper bags

You may drop off up to 2 paper bags of Children's Clothes, Toys, Shoes, Books and Accessories once per month from the 1st to the 21st of each month. Large Items and Equipment can come in at any time.
You may drop off women's and men's clothing items from the first to the 21st.

Keep in mind, you can still drop off handbags and shoes any time of the month, but clothing is limited to 2 paper bags.
No Appointment is Necessary!

How Long Does It Take?


Once you've dropped off your items, we have up to one month to sort them. The total consignment period is 90 days. Money for sold items will post to your account 30 days after an item has sold.

How Much Do You Get Paid?


Consigners are paid 40% of what the item sells for. You can use the credit in store or take a check. Please note, if you choose to take a check you must have at least $14 on your account. We write checks from the 1st to the 21st of each month, excluding Sundays. There is a $5 Annual Consigner Fee if you choose to take a check. The fee is waived if you spend your credit in store. 

Some Items May be Featured on our Ebay Store


Women's Shoes, Handbags and Jewelry may be listed on our Ebay store. This means they have an opportunity to sell in store or online. Consigners who's items are listed to Ebay will still be paid 40% of what the item sells for. Select women's clothing and kids items may also be listed. If you have questions about the Ebay process, please call us to find out more. 

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What if You Don't Accept Some of My Items? What Happens When Items Don't Sell?


When you drop off, you'll be asked to fill out a consignment sheet which will ask you what you'd like us to do with unaccepted and unsold items. You may choose to have us Donate any unaccepted or unsold items to charity, or you may choose to Pick Up what is not accepted or unsold. If you choose to pick up unnaccepted items, you must provide an email address on your consignment sheet. We will email you as soon as we've sorted your things, and give you a date to come pick them up by. We always give you at least 1 week to pick up your items.  If you don't come by the date given in the email we've sent you, your items will be donated to charity. If you choose to Pull Unsold Items, you'll be given a recipt with a date that you must come pull your items by. When you come in to pull, we will print you a detailed list of unsold items and you will pull them from our racks yourself. Employees will not be able to assist you with this- but don't worry, it's not complicated! All Items not pulled by the end of consignment become the sole property of Baby and Me Inc. to donate or use at their discretion. 

Where do My Items Go If They're Donated?


We are proud to work with Birch Community Services, a local charity and family help program. The Following is from their website:

"Birch Community Services gives families the means to reach their goals of decreasing or eliminating consumer debt, catching up with mortgage or car payments, meeting medical bills, or helping pay for vocational training to earn a livable wage."

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